Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My time to shine!

     I taught another lesson today and it went awesome! Even better than my first! It was on similes, and entirely of my own design. To tell the truth, I actually authored the lesson some time ago; it was originally about metaphors. I really thought it was pretty good though so I just modified it to be about similes (practically the same anyways.) Anyways, the lesson went like this:
Grab their attention with some similes from some text we all read together. Discuss the meaning, Tell them exactly what a simile is. Share some of my own similes. Explain how to create a simile. Have students create their own similes. Walk around class helping students (5-10 minutes.) Let students share this similes. Then have students pair up. Instruct students to each select one of their own similes and choose a noun from it. Then swap the noun from their respective simile to the other. Give examples and cleat instructions so as to not cause confusion. Walk around answering questions while students work on activity (1-2 minutes.) Have students share the new similes. Discuss meaning. Compare meaning of simile with a simple sentence (i.e. Swim like a fish vs. Swim very well.)
     And that's basically the lesson plan (with a good amount more organization and some additional details.) It want really great! The students had fun with it, they were engaged, and my supervisor thought it was great too. My next lesson plan is a science activity and it is about light. I haven't made it yet, I've got a couple days. I also have plenty of resources to use! Flashlights, magnifying glasses, color light thingies, the works. Now is my time to shine! (get it?!!?!?)


  1. Sounds good, what age group are you teaching?

  2. You should try to burn something with a magnifying glass for your upcoming lesson. If there's one way to get kids these days exited, you just have to BURN IT WITH FIRE

  3. Time to shine! HA! You silly, silly man.

  4. If only my teachers were this enthusiastic.