Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stricks and stones

     So today I happened upon a girl (not of my class) rather upset and gathering a crowd around her explaining how some people had picked on her older sister. Not sure how to handle it, I just observed, until the group dispersed. I forgot about the event until later when I heard more details regarding this specific event from teachers discussing it. Apparently there's a bit of bullying going on. I thought it was interesting how the teachers all discussed it together and decided how they would handle it. Options included: "Just separate them. Problem solved." "Tell the Assistant Principal, then it's 'their' [the administration's] problem." "I'll talk to so-and-so. Then I'll get to the bottom of it." And etc. But what really is the best way to deal with bullying? After all you can't make someone like someone else. The more you force something like that the quicker it's going to not work out.
     So much time has passed since I was in elementary school, it's easy to forget that I had my own perception of each other student in the class. It's easy to think that everyone in class are friends with each other but more often than that students seem much more apathetic to each other. Certainly, some have their friends, but some don't make strong connections to anyone, day by day. If only the students could all band together under the idea of us vs. the man. If only the students could all see how similar they all were and how if they worked together and everyone was friends with each other, they could help each other. Oh well, that's why we grow up, I guess. Anyways, I'm really against bullying, and in my own classroom I plan to have a bunch of strict rules about it and stuff.


  1. I've been bullied, too. Primairy school and high-school for a bit. Feels bad man.
    How it was fixed? I found new, nicer friends, and nevr paid attention to those fucks who bullied me anymore. But that's not something you have any influence in... Sorry, don't know anything atm. Might get back to you if I think of something.

  2. When I was kid, I was the friend of the cool guys, so other people didn't pick on me.
    Hope you can work on that,I know being bullied is a terrible experience even more if you are a kid because at the time you can feel really powerless to change anything.

  3. Bullying is terrible, and to be honest, I think it's treated far too passively. I think direct conversations are the best way to handle it, although younger kids sometimes don't understand their own cruelty.